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The Granbury and Glen Rose Showcase Magazines were developed as the one “Go-To” publication for locals and visitors in Granbury and Glen Rose.

The Showcase Magazines are written, edited, and produced by local residents at a local company. Showcase magazine has a true feel for Granbury as a place to live, and as a tourist destination. The owners of Print One, who produce the Showcase Magazines, have been residents of Granbury for over 20 years!

Showcase is available for free at many locations around town. Whether you are a resident or dropping by for a visit, the Showcase Magazine is just for you!

The Showcase distributes 10,000 copies to over 200 locations throughout the Hood, Somervell and Hamilton county areas. It can be found in every home in Pecan Plantation, DeCordova Bend Estates, Harbor Lakes, Waters Edge, Mallard Point, Bent Water, Summerlin, & The Peninsula.