Entertainment in January

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Kicking it at the Rio 

Kick the “stuff” off your boots and come on down to the Rio Brazos Music Hall. The Steaks are hot and the entertainment is hotter.

Kevin Fowler highlights January. Kevin describes his music as, “…country with a bad attitude. It’s country with an edge. It’s just beer-drinkin’, hell-raisin’, good-time music.” And anyone who has ever been to a Kevin Fowler show knows it’s entertaining, high-energy fun.

Kevin also brings his tongue-in-cheek humor and captivating country storytelling. Kevin’s music causes his standing-room-only audiences to sing along: “Beer, Bait and Ammo,” “Cheaper to Keep Her,” “The Best Mistake I Ever Made,” “Don’t Touch My Willie” or any of the other songs that keep him on top of the Texas music charts.

An Amarillo boy, Kevin believes he was put on this earth to write songs and entertain people. His path to fame has traveled though West Texas A&M in Canyon, Los Angeles and now home in Austin. Now, Kevin says, “We’re just tryin’ to spread the gospel of Hank Williams and honky tonks to the rest of the world.”

The Rio Brazos Music Hall provides the perfect honky tonk to share good times.

January rounds up artist like Austin Allsup, Walt Wilkins, Reckless Kelly Helms, Brandon Rhyder and Davin James.

Heck, it’s a new year. Don’t worry about the stuff on your boots, just come on down and dine, dance and don’t worry!

It’s a Wild Mystery

When winter weather boxes you in and you feel like the walls are moving closer and the kids are acting like wild animals, it’s the perfect time to visit the wildest bunch of animals in Texas. You may not think of a family outing as perfect for winter, but it is. January and February offer the perfect time to take the family to Fossil Rim.

Join the Murder Mystery Dinner on January 14th. Did the cheetah cheat? Was the zebra too zealous? Figure out ‘who done it?’ Attend an evening of intrigue and mystery and become one of the characters. You will be given a character description and instructions upon registration. Arrive at Foothill Safari Camp’s glass-walled pavilion at 5:00 p.m. and receive your first clue as you board a mini tour of Fossil Rim Wildlife Center; listen carefully for clues along the way. Have fun and have a delicious dinner, then enjoy a guest speaker.

The first facility of its kind to have been accredited by the American Zoo and Aquarium Association, Fossil Rim Wildlife Center participates in a worldwide network of wildlife conservation organizations working to restore the delicate balance between people, animals, and the environment.

When the weather turns cool, Antelope and Adoudad wait for you to come feed them. Cheetah, Maned Wolf, Mexican Gray Wolf, Red Wolf and even rhinoceros still are endangered and need your help to stay on this earth. Plus they are much more active in the cooler weather. On a Behind the Scene Tour at Fossil Rim you can get an up-close look. Even the wonderful giraffe are more active and without the crowd of visitors, they are hungry. You can enjoy the tour at your speed, stopping and enjoying the animals. Laugh and meet new adventures with your family on a leisurely guided tour along the Scenic Wildlife. Thrill to the giraffe’s long neck bending over you and its soft mouth taking food right out of your hand. Squeal with excitement as ostriches investigate you. Find out about the animals and on-site research. Make a difference in the world.

For information, availability and/or to make reservations, please call 254.897.2960.

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