Meeting Andrew Barrus, Creative Director of Granbury Theater Company

April 1st, 2012 | Posted by PrintOne in Entertainment | Showcase Articles

I entered the dorm/office building for the Granbury Opera House Theater and noticed the change immediately. A fresh look, organized rooms and contemporary décor greeted me. Andrew Barrus, waiting in the new seating area, stood–a picture of a prepared, organized, business professional.

After he introduced himself, I asked my most important question, “What is your most important goal as you take over as Creative Director of the Granbury Theatre Company?” The Theatre Company will be performing at the Opera House and other venues in the area. His answer sold me totally on Andrew Barrus and the exciting future of theater in Granbury.

“My main goal: I demand quality and consistency,” he said. “It must be as perfect as possible, entertaining and consistent. We are beginning theater in this community now!” This surprised me since the Opera House is under construction.

“Before the Opera House’s renovation is finished?” I asked.

“In June.” He smiled.

I would have laughed, but then he told me how that was possible. “The Opera House will present shows in June, July and August in various venues in town.” Andrew explained adding several possibilities that intrigued and delighted me. If I hadn’t seen his brother’s work in Cleburne, I would still be skeptical. Listening to Andrew’s amazing plans and creative approach, I can’t wait for the first show.

Andrew brings to the Granbury Theatre Company and the Opera House over 15 years of experience, working professionally with two successful live theaters, the Salt Lake Olympic Committee, Cirque Du Soleil and Princess Cruises. He has served each in a variety of positions including Technical Director, Head of Automation, Scenic Designer, Lighting Designer, Stage Manager, Director, Choreographer and Actor. He has been an integral team member in developing the winning theatrical model employed by StageStop Theater in Logan Utah and Hale Centre Theatre in Salt Lake City, Utah and opening a new Cirque Du Soleil show in China.

From June of 1997 to April of 2008 Andrew worked for Hale Center Theater, a regional theater in Salt Lake City, Utah, during which time the company saw the expansion of season ticket subscribers from 6,000 to 22,000 annually and an increase in an overall budget from 2.5 million to 6 million dollars.

In 2001 and 2002 Andrew was employed by the 2002 Salt Lake Olympic Committee as the Prop Master for all live entertainment during the Olympic Games. He was commissioned by the organization to work for the opening ceremonies, closing ceremonies and the outdoor entertainment throughout the Olympics.

In 2008 Andrew was employed by Cirque Du Soleil as the Head of Automation in Macau China for the opening of the company’s production of Zaia. During this time Andrew was responsible for all of the lifts and flying apparatuses.

In 2011 Andrew worked for the Princess Cruise Line as the production manager for live entertainment.

His entire life has been spent obtaining hands-on experience in virtually every aspect of live theater production. He now blesses Granbury with that expertise and an incredible creative, business-savvy mix I’ve not seen in many theater personalities.

Join Andrew in bringing great theater back to Granbury by purchasing your season tickets for the Charter Season of Granbury Theatre Company at the Historic Granbury Opera House. Season Ticket Prices: $200 for adults, $175 for Senior Citizens, $175 for students and $160 for Children 12 and under. To order tickets, call 801.231.9545. Or visit 


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