The Super Shopper Quiz

Answer the following quiz with a 1 if never, a 2 if sometimes, a 3 if most of the time, a 4 if always and a 5 if you would trade your dear, sweet grandmother on for a gold credit card with unlimited credit.

__ You get goose bumps when you see a red “Sale” sign.

__ “75% off Sales” makes you exceed the speed limit.

__ You leap over small boutiques in a single bound.

__  You like to get all your Christmas shopping done early in the year.

__  You love kids and want to help out a great cause like Happy Hill Academy.

TOTAL   ____

If your total on this quiz was more than 4 you are perfect for the Granbury 2nd Annual Shopping Tournament on May 4 and 5. Create a Shopping Team Foursome and make this Girlfriend Getaway count for more. Guy teams are not only welcome, they are encouraged to challenge the girls with an “anything you can do I can do better” bet. Be sure to add a team name and costumes for serious fun! Create a poem, rap song or slogan. Strut your stuff!

This is competitive shopping for a cause and your tax deductible donation of only $25 per shopper registers you for the tournament, a maximum of 4 shoppers per team. The FUN for you and a FUNdraiser benefiting Happy Hill Farm Academy begins on May 4th with Preview Parties (not required, but lots of fun) and May 5th – Tournament Day! Participating stores offer discounts to registered Tournament Shoppers.

Granbury is the FUN shopping destination in North Central Texas. You can’t beat the fun, GREAT shopping discounts, refreshments at every store (Friday night & all day Saturday), and the wonderful prizes. Registering for the Granbury Shopping Tournament can be done online with a $25 fee per team member, safe, secure and easy. Visit and click on the Happy Hill Farm link below the “Submit” button to pay registration fees. Please feel free to give us a call at 817.326.1439 if you need help or would like to register over the phone.

Categories include:

• 1st & 2nd place Teams which accumulate the most points.

• 1st & 2nd place Teams for the Cutest Team.

• #1 Big Spender Shopper

• The Heart Award

• Ms. Congeniality – Who brought the most teams to the Tournament

• Shopper who came the Farthest

• 1st, 2nd & 3rd place Best Stores

• Drawings for prizes from every participating store

Schedule of Events

May 4th

Preview Parties at participating stores who are extending their evening hours for your shopping pleasure.

May 5th

9 am - 10 am - Kickoff Breakfast

10 am - 5 pm - Shotgun start. On your Mark, Get Set, Shop!

5 pm - 6:45 pm - Reception/ Awards Dinner to help you wind down from the exciting day. 

The ‘Bodacious Bag-Ladies’ won the 2011 Shopping Tournament team. The tournament benefits Happy Hill Farm Academy and this year takes place May 4th and 5th. This is competitive shopping for a cause. With a maximum of four shoppers per team, you compete for high-point shopper. Holly Robinson organized last year’s winning team. She and her team shared their feelings about the tournament and offered a challenge to the competition.

“We were the ‘Bodacious Bag-Ladies’ and went for the gaudy, glitzy look! We threw it all together at the last minute and had the time of our lives. We ate, we drank and we shopped all day, laughing all the way!”

In her non-shopping hours, Holly runs two businesses, I Organize4u Professional and New2U Consignment, a shop for furniture and home decor.

“My mother is my shopping hero. She is responsible for all my bad habits! We just loved the idea of shopping and formed a team. I have not laughed that much in forever!

Happy Hill Farm Academy has been a God-send to my grandchildren. They excelled there, and I can’t tell you how nice it is to know my kids are being educated in a Christ-centered environment that teaches values, morals and enhances self-esteem. The staff is incredible and the facility and grounds are nothing short of amazing!”

Rosemary Buske embroidered shirts for the Bodacious Bag-Ladies’ team uniforms. Rosemary moved from Minnesota to Texas in 1990 and moved to Granbury in 2008. She owns an embroidery and promotional products business.

“I embroidered our shirts with a comical lady shopper. Our team had a blast. We sang a little ditty in each store we visited. I don’t have a shopping ‘hero’ or anyone to blame. Somehow, I managed to learn to shop all on my own. We had fun, but the real joy was knowing we were helping out a great organization.”

Jane Kittleson works at GISD as an occupational therapist.

“I was amazed by the generous and creative retailers with great deals and enthusiasm for the tournament. This really brought the whole square alive with a festive, fun flair. As the mother of two elementary kids at Happy Hill Farm Academy, I appreciated that.”

The Bag-Ladies’ embroidered T shirts, complete with their bodacious bods (enhanced with well-endowed balloons…cheaper than surgery), may have helped them win. This brought lots of laughs and the bag-ladies even had to stop shopping long enough to take pictures with visitors touring Granbury.

“Holly, our fabulous and outgoing leader, is my shopping hero. She taught us to shop with a plan (Organized with a capital “O”). We shopped for early Christmas gifts, birthday gifts and even home decor. Not only did we find great bargains, we won gift-cards, meals and free luxury vacation get-a-ways.”

Call your best friends and join for a Shopping Team Foursome to compete in the Second Annual Granbury Shopping Tournament. The more shopping teams the better; and guy teams are especially welcome. You may or may not want to wear balloons to enhance your chances to win.

Participating stores offer discounts to registered tournament shoppers and events the general public will not attend. To increase your points do what the Bodacious Bag-Ladies did: add a team name, costumes and shopping shirts to inspire serious fun. Bring on your shopping poem, rap, song and slogan. Strut your stuff!

BRING IT ON! The Bodacious Bag-Ladies are ready for the competition.

Jane issues the challenge, “This year we are taking it to the extreme with a new twist and more outrageous and zany antics!”

Registering for the Granbury Shopping Tournament online is safe, secure and easy. Use PayPal to insure that your accounts are protected. Please feel free to give us a call if you need help or would like to register without a credit card. 817.326.1439.

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